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A Dashboard for your LinkedIn Groups!

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Why do we restrict signups?
Currently we are invite-only. We are restricting signups to keep out spammers and only allow individuals who are intent on building their presence on LinkedIn. We also want to ensure that we give personal attention to our users.

No email digest overload - No spam discussions.

Whether you are looking to generate leads, engage with
influencers, or find your next job - WorkLife makes you
a pro on LinkedIn!

What users say?

  • facebook4
    Have been looking for a platform like this! Completely agree with the idea of being persistent with your personal brand building activities and WorkLife platform has helped me a lot with getting the relevant conversations right in front of me.

    Peter Y. / Product Manager

  • GE4
    Thanks for saving me from the LinkedIn Groups email hell. This makes time I spent on LinkedIn Groups so much useful!

    Bob D. / Sales Manager

  • pfizer1-45x45
    Thought leadership is the best career insurance but one you need to build over time. WorkLife is an awesome tool that makes sure that your efforts are being spent where you can get a great ROI and build connections that can help with your career. And yes... Awesome UX.

    Paul G. / Sales Manager


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